Tongue Scraper Alternative That Deep-Cleans Your Tongue FAST!

A tongue cleaning alternative that works better & FASTER at getting rid of ugly stains!

tongue scraper

Tongue scrapers didn’t work that well. It only left my tongue sore. So I had to improvise.

After using this new tongue cleaning method for over 2 years, I’ll never go back to using those medieval & outdated tools like the tongue scraper or a manual toothbrush to clean my tongue. And why should I? Using those outdated tools only left a mess of my sink. Not to mention an ugly stain on my tongue that couldn’t be removed no matter how much brushing or scraping I did. But just one cleaning session with this new method did more to remove the ugly tongue stains than what I was ever able to do with any amount of vigorous tongue scraping or brushing! I’ll teach you my “secrets”. What I did and what I used. But what’s also great about my method is that it won’t leave your tongue sore at all. That’s something I couldn’t say about the tongue scraping and brushing I used to do.

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