Tongue Scraper Alternative That Deep-Cleans Your Tongue FAST!

Clean your tongue with a sonic toothbrush. Works better & FASTER at getting rid of ugly stains!

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O.K. Results
*Philips Sonicare TONGUE Brush*

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Best Results
*Charcoal Hard Bristles*
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Tongue scrapers didn’t work that well. It only left my tongue sore. So I had to improvise.

After using the sonic toothbrush for over 2 years to clean my tongue, I’ll never ever go back to using those medieval & outdated tools like the tongue scraper or manually brushing the tongue. Using those tools had never successfully deep-cleaned my tongue. There was always a grey tint or stain that remained no matter how much scraping and brushing I did. But just one cleaning session using a sonic toothbrush did more in removing those ugly tongue stains than what 6 months of vigorous tongue scraping & manual brushing was able to do. Not only that, it doesn’t leave your tongue sore at all. Something I can’t really say after a vigorous session using a tongue scraper.

Any bad scrapes, bleeding, or injuries from using a sonic toothbrush on my tongue?*
Nope. Never, after using it for over 2 years. It’s been a much gentler tool to use than using a tongue scraper in my experience*. For starters, you don’t need to apply any pressure or force to the tongue like you do with a tongue scraper. You just gently go over the tongue with it. Yet it does a much better job at deep-cleaning the tongue. When you add all of that up, the common tongue scraper ends up looking like a medieval and totally outdated device. (Sort of like medieval dentistry where they used to use a pair of pliers with no anaesthetic to pull out teeth 😂). But in case you’re still worried about using a sonic or electric toothbrush to clean the tongue? Philips Sonicare recently came out with an attachment just for cleaning the tongue. (details below).

Yet another benefit of using a sonic toothbrush?
It doesn’t leave your bathroom sink a mess like what happens after using a tongue scraper or a manual toothbrush to clean the tongue. 😄

FWIW, the details of what I’m doing/using:

sonic toothbrush

#1. Sonic Toothbrush with a Hard Bristle: I use a medium soft bristle to clean my teeth. Then switch out the bristles to this hard one to clean my tongue. Soft bristles don’t deep-clean the tongue that good. But the hard ones will do wonders. FWIW, I use this sonic toothbrush/hard bristle combo.
a. hard bristles: details
b. sonic toothbrush: details

Philips Sonicare recently did come out with this TongueBrush attachment. Specifically designed for cleaning the tongue via a sonic/electric toothbrush. But..the reviews for it have been sort of mixed. The results are O.K., but it just doesn’t have the same level of success like the hard bristles in deep-cleaning the tongue. But hey, it’s at least another option to try out. (But still, if it’s a choice between this “OK” Tongue Brush versus a Tongue Scraper, I’d still choose this Tongue Brush anyday. At the very least, this “OK” tongue brush won’t leave your tongue sore like a scraper AND it still works better than a common tongue scraper in my experience.). details

tea tree oil neem toothpaste combotea tree oil mouthwashneem mouthwash

#2. Toothpaste & Mouthwash that contains Tea Tree Oil and Neem: I find this helpful for getting at the root of the problem. Killing off the bacteria and fungi that’s involved in the development of those tongue stains & discolorations. Whether it’s for a white tongue, black hairy tongue, yellow tongue, green tongue, it doesn’t matter. Whatever the stain color/discoloration, many find that these tea tree oil/neem-containing products help to keep those “critters” in check. Better oral hygiene. (Some folks have mentioned that this alone did wonders for keeping their tongue looking clean).
a. toothpaste combo: details
b. neem mouthwash: details
c. tea tree oil mouthwash: details

P.S. – For Some Extra Uumph: I find that a few drops of this Neem Leaf Extract does wonders in keeping those “critters” in check. Just drop a few on your dab of toothpaste (or if you prefer, a few drops first on the toothbrush before you apply the dab of toothpaste. Doesn’t really matter.). Keeps those “critters” so much in check that you’ll only have to clean the tongue every other day.
Another ‘Extra Uumph’ Alternative That Works Just As Great: A few drops of Tea Tree Oil added to your capful of mouthwash. Just add a few drops of the oil in your capful (i.e. serving) of mouthwash before swishing for that added punch.

P.S.S. – Anecdotal, But Impressive Nonetheless!: We’re hearing great things from this CariFree CTx4 Gel 1100 toothpaste. I’ve tried it myself and was pleasantly surprised as well. For some reason using this toothpaste dramatically lessened the appearance of tongue discolorations. Even tho the main reason for using this toothpaste is to repair weak/sensitive tooth enamel, it helped keep the tongue clean even without regularly brushing the tongue. Must be due to the ph-balance it helps create that lowers bad bacteria. There’s ofcourse plenty of pleasant “side-effects” using this toothpaste as well such as a teeth-whitening effect, diminished tooth enamel sensitivity, etc.

CariFree CTx4 Gel 1100 toothpaste

Well, that’s it for now, folks! Let us know how you do! Been getting nothing but great feedback so far.

*Medical Disclaimer: Although the owners of this site haven’t had any issues using the sonic toothbrush to clean their tongue, you agree to try this at your own risk. They won’t be held accountable in any way (see disclaimer).